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Parkinsons In The News 

Parkinsons receives a lot of press coverage whether it be potential breakthrough cures or the latest celebrity to be struck down with the condition. This page gathers all that information as / when it appears.

Cough Syrup Can Slow Parkinsons

Published in the Daily Mirror March 2023

A simple cough medicine could provide doctors with a major breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinsons.

The over-the-counter drug Ambroxol has been shown to "slow, stop and reverse" the progression of the movement disorder.

Full story - cough-medicine-unexpected-treatment-parkinsons-29255721

Breakthrough pill for Parkinsons could treat the disease early

Published in The Daily Mail 17th July 2023, a daily capsule could treat Parkinsons disease early and relieve symptoms - for full story click he link'treat-disease-early-relieve-symptoms

Addenbrookes test Charco

Wednesday 19th April - broadcast 6pm ITV

The body worn button is being tested at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge and delivers vibrations that aim to stop unwanted movement.

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